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FAQ / Billing

These are the most common questions from surfers. They have been compiled to quickly answer interrogations you may have concerning billing, memberships, technical etc.
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What are the billing options?
  To join you can using a credit card, check or telephone All transactions are handled over 128 bits encrypted servers and are secure and safed. To join the Hotbunnypass, go to Join now.
What name will appear on my credit card bill?
  Discreet billing is a priority for many members. There will be no adult related mentions on your credit card statement. CCBill will appear on your statement.
Do you sell or distribute my name to any third parties?
  You dont need to worry because your privacy is completely guaranteed. We wont sell or give any of your information to anyone, nor your e-mail address. Discretion is a priority.
How do I cancel my membership?
  Insert your subcriptopn datas on the following form and retrieve pw: CCBill Support

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